Welcome to the New Zealand Global Rating Scale for Endoscopy services


The aim of the National Endoscopy Quality Improvement Programme (NEQIP) is to facilitate safe, patient focused, endoscopy services that are efficient, accountable and sustainable. Our approach to supporting the ideal patient experience is centred around a national framework of quality standards - the New Zealand Global Rating Scale (NZGRS). 

About the New Zealand Global Rating Scale (NZGRS)

The NZGRS is a service improvement tool that enables endoscopy units to assess how well they provide a patient-centred service. It comprises a web-based assessment tool that makes a series of statements requiring a Yes or No answer. The tool supports services to measure their performance against nationally agreed standards and to identify areas of improvement. These standards have been adapted (2019) to align with New Zealand healthcare systems. Through sharing and embedding knowledge of what works, units are supported to develop local solutions for local quality issues.

Additional workforce and training domains support the endoscopy workforce and trainee endoscopists. 

Endoscopy Services

Endoscopy units can access the NZGRS from this home page.

When you have a username and password, please log in to the NZGRS System to complete your NZGRS self-assessment or to access the Resource Library (Knowledge Management System). If you need support or login access to this system please contact the National Endoscopy Quality Improvement Programme (NEQIP) team.

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